Connecticut Archery Association

Welcome to NFAA archery in Connecticut. The Connecticut Archery Association (CAA) is proud to be affiliated with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA). Why? The NFAA is the only nationally organized archery association that supports all types of competitive archery today. With 50 chartered state organizations and over one thousand affiliated clubs in the US and abroad, the NFAA provides archery for everyone. Whether your archery preference is Indoor, Outdoor, Field, Target or 3-D, amateur or professional the NFAA has something for every archer.

The CAA has NFAA-sanctioned tournaments through out the year, indoors and outdoors, providing recreation, hunting practice, and competitive enjoyment for the entire family. Member clubs host many 3-D and Field archery tournaments most Sundays, and a few Saturdays, through out the year. Our shooting schedule is located on the last pages of our membership booklet. We hope that all archers will take advantage of our extended shooting schedule by attending shoots at CAA affiliated clubs. Without a doubt these archery ranges are some of the most beautiful and challenging found anywhere.

As an organization, the CAA hosts four State Championships each year Indoor (20 yards 300 round), Outdoor Target (122 cm target at 60, 50, 40 yards - 600 round), Field (field round), and 3-D. These tournaments are open to competitive archers who belong to the NFAA/CAA, as well as non-competitive guest shooters who want to experience these events. Please support archery in our state by attending the State Championships, our affiliated club tournaments, and most importantly with an NFAA/CAA membership. An NFAA membership is $35/year, which includes a CAA membership. In addition to the CAA benefits, the NFAA/CAA membership entitles the member to compete in State, Sectional and National level tournaments and receive a 1-year subscription to Archery magazine.  For those archers that want to support the sport of archery, but do not choose to shoot competitively, a CAA non-competitive membership is available for $10/year. Non-competitive members will receive a CAA news letter 4 times a year to keep up with what is going on in the State organization, receive discounts at CAA affiliate club shoots, and be eligible for entry in a cash drawing with participation at affiliate club shoots.

Why shoot competitive archery? It helps to develop your shooting form under all conditions, understand your shooting limitations, make you more confident and accurate while competing or hunting and keeps you in touch with archers at all skill levels. For more information, please look at other pages in this web page or go to the  link below on the NFAA web page for an introduction from here. "What's Field Archery"

We encourage all archers to become a member in Connecticut Archery Association and our affiliated clubs. Please consult the pages in our membership booklet and here in our web pages, under member clubs for information regarding our affiliated clubs. Each club provides a contact name for membership or other information.

Please support the businesses that advertise with us. Many of these businesses have supported archery for many years, while a few are new. These businesses sell all kinds of sporting goods, guide services, archery related products, while providing quality service and expert advice. Many of these advertisers have web pages which can be found on our Links page. The next time you visit them, mention that your saw their advertisement in our membership booklet and web pages.

It pays to belong to the CAA. CAA members can receive a discount in shooting fees and can enter in a cash raffle when they shoot at affiliated clubs. Members of affiliated clubs, but not necessarily CAA members, can also receive a discount in shooting fees. Show your current membership card at registration to receive your discount. You can  save more than the cost of a CAA membership by taking advantage of our discount program, but you must be a member to take advantage. For more information go to our membership page for an application.



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